Our Work

"Our growing list of portfolio companies and brands reflects our commitment to building strong recurring revenue entities."

We have a lot of experience running SaaS businesses in the Edtech and large enterprise space. We enjoy building a portfolio of companies that work well together and can support each others customers with a comprehensive solution approach.

ERPlingo - Your SAP Support Assistant


ERPlingo.com is an AI-powered SAP Support Assistant and specialized SAP knowledge site allowing users to get instant SAP support via chat or email and search 5+ million SAP error messages, transaction codes and glossary terms. 

GiggleBook - Funny Notebooks that make you go WTF?


GiggleBook.Media is a publisher of low-content books, such as  notebooks, journals and day planners. The company publishes a series of hilarious notebooks that are just on this side of inappropriate and plans to add additional books later this year.

DailyGratitude - Take care of yourself

Daily Gratitude

DailyGratitude.io is a mental health & wellness tool that helps users focus on the positive aspects of their lives. With daily prompts and journal entries, users can reflect on what they are grateful for and cultivate a more positive outlook.

Tomco.IO - Intelligent Lead Generation


Tomco.io is an intelligent lead generation platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to find sales-qualified leads on LinkedIn where others can't.

Tomco.IO - Intelligent Lead Generation


Tomco.ai is a really smart AI-powered content generation platform that allows users to generate months of amazing content in seconds. It includes over 200+ templates for easy content generation in 25+ languages.

ThomasMichaelLive screen shot

Thomas Michael Live

ThomasMichaelLive.com is a coaching & consulting company focused on small business owners. The company offers CEO coaching programs led by Thomas Michael and offers advice for common CEO issues via its popular blog. In addition, companies can inquire about booking Tom for speaking engagements.