Where to find my next business?

10/06/2022 11:49 AM By Tom

If you have just stumbled across this blog, please take a moment to read these 2 intro blogs for better understanding:

OK, so I have a pretty good strategy on what to focus on. I like businesses in the SaaS space with recurring revenues, preferably for some sort of platform/software/tech company. I also want to make sure that the company has been around for at least 2 years, has actual revenue and is profitable. Location and size is not that important to me right now.

Now the big question is: Where do I find companies for sale that fit my criteria? Well, it's actually fairly easy to find listings of companies for sale - but that's the only easy part. Going through all these listings to separate the good from the bad is a very time-consuming task...I can already tell that this will be a big time suck - unless I can figure out how to automate & delegate some of this work.

Business Sales Websites

After a little big of research and talking to a few people with experience in buying & selling companies, I have compiled a list of websites (in no particular order):

  1. Flippa.com - marketplace focused on online businesses, websites, apps & domains
  2. Microacquire.com - they claim to be the #1 startup acquisition site
  3. Bizbuysell.com - supposedly the largest site for business & franchise sales
  4. Bizquest.com - seems more focused on physical businesses, i.e. car wash, laundromat, dry cleaners, etc.

Now, there are a lot more platforms like these but I had to make a call and not get dragged down a rabbit hole of dozens of websites. I started playing with each of these sites, registered for free accounts and started browsing listings. Each site has their own unique way to present the businesses and their financial numbers.

After a week or two now I think I like flippa.com and microacquire.com the best. So far I have found the most interesting listings of these 2 sites and I have added several businesses to my watch list already. Also, I have begun to have conversations with sellers about their companies. It's fun to experience the process from a buyer's perspective for a change.

Next, I'll start evaluating businesses and will post about some of the conversations I've been having.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do and thank you for all your questions & suggestions - I really appreciate it and it's just more fun to do this with you! If you want me to go into any specific details, please leave a comment below.