Well, well, well - Look who is working together again

03/21/2023 01:32 PM By Tom
Look who is working together again

Right time, right place

A few months back, I saw a familiar name pop up in my LinkedIn messages - Thomas Michael wanted to know if I could jump on a quick call. 

Thomas and I have worked together since 2018, and I’ve always loved working for him/ respected his entrepreneurial endeavors so it was a very welcome surprise to see that he wanted to connect again. I was in between projects so his timing was perfect, and I went into the call with an open mind, unsure of what he wanted to chat about. 

Thomas unveiled some of the ideas he’d been cooking up since he sold his company, and it took me all of about 2 minutes to say, OMG I’M IN. Since then, we’ve been in full-fledge, nitty gritty, Silicon Valley tv-show, start up mode. 

I can’t reveal tooooo much, but this blog will highlight a few of the projects we’ve been working on over the course of the past few months. 

While we’re still working out all of the details, I will say, I think the end result will be a game-changer. 

Tomco AI

Thomas and I are both fascinated by all things AI-related, so working on projects supported by AI has been challenging, eye-opening and downright cool. 

Our first big project together was simply creating content. I’ve always gravitated towards content creation and more creative projects, so I was excited to start to learn about leveraging AI for marketing copy and blog creation. While I still feel strongly that creative flair and editing should come from humans, I have been AMAZED by the capabilities of AI for writing projects. 

We played around with prompts and wording to ensure that AI was able to deliver the type and caliber of content that we were going for. And once we had that down, it was an AI-palooza of new blogs, website copy, social media posts. It really is an art, and Thomas has been great in sharing his expertise to get me up to speed.

While I know AI is available to everyone, it’s been fascinating to watch someone learn its capabilities and limitations, and how to leverage that into real-life applications. I have not yet mastered the AI art form, but I’m sincerely enjoying the learning process. 

PS: I know I’ve talked a lot about AI blog content creation, but this blog is written by a plain old boring human - me! 

In addition to blogs, Thomas and I have spent countless hours creating AI templates. Again, I won’t get too into the weeds, but learning how to work with AI and create templates has been incredibly interesting. 

We’re set to release soon and I’m excited for you to see what we’ve come up with! 


Some of you reading this may have already chatted with me about ERPlingo, but let me just say this: we are updating it continuously and I truly believe it will redefine how we work with and learn SAP applications. 

We have developed an AI-powered SAP solution that allows SAP users to search millions of SAP error messages, transaction codes and keywords/terms and get answers to their questions in seconds.

Additionally, we are working on training an SAP coach that puts intelligent SAP support within the reach of every SAP user. I am very excited and optimistic about the effect it will have on the SAP community. 

At this stage we’re looking for beta testers, so if you’re reading this, reach out and we’ll get you set up on the site! We’d love to hear thoughts, feedback, critique, love, etc. 

And this is just the first rollout, so keep checking back in to see what we’ve updated! 

What's next?

What’s next you may be wondering! 

Well first and foremost, Thomas and I will be having our first in-person meeting. Shockingly, after more than 5 years of working together, we have neverl actually met in person. A mixture of Thomas and I both having wanderlust and a global pandemic has made our past meet ups impossible, so I’m really looking forward to actually seeing him IRL. 

Additionally, we’re working on official rollouts of both websites and working on getting our first 100 customers. After that, we shall see! 

Every day new ideas come out, so stay tuned. 


Director of Strategy
Tomco Capital Corporation